UPS, my enemy

Now, I don't like to publicly call organizations or people out. But this time, I need to say something.

My Rogers Blackberry Flip phone recently has started to fail me. The external screen does not work. Rogers, with no hassle, offered to send me a new one since mine is still under warranty. On the phone, the Rogers rep asked me "Will you be available between 9 and 5 to sign for this package?" I told him that no, I wouldn't be and he sent the package.

I got a delivery notice a few days later from UPS. I have never had anything shipped with UPS before, as I usually get things from Canada Post or FedEx. They left a sticky-note type thing on my mail box. It says that they attempted to deliver a package from Rogers, it was the first attempt, that a signature is required yadda yadda.

Usually, after a failed attempt with Canada Post, you just go to the closet retailer to pick it up. They store it there until the next business day when they do their rounds. On this paper from UPS, there was no option to do that. I also did not see a phone number I could call to figure out where I could pick it up. The next day before going to work, I left a Post-It note with the notice that had been left saying "Try again after 5."

When I got home from work, I found another failed delivery notice that said the exact same thing. I noticed on the sticky note they left that it said "First attempt, second attempt, final attempt." I figured the next day would be the final attempt and they would leave it at the closest UPS store to me, which is on Dakota.

So on Thursday, I get home from work and I have the same sticky note. My mom noticed writing at the back of the sticky note, which, by the way, is about an 8 point type. There was a number on the back of the note, so I called it. I entered my account number and it said that my package would be available at my closest UPS outlet.

So, after dinner at 6:30 P.M, I went to the UPS store on Dakota to find out that their business hours were from 9-6. Come on, banks are open later than that!

So then today, I went to the UPS store to get my package. They had told me they don't keep them there but at a Warehouse on Dublin avenue (which is a good 30/40 minute drive my house). I asked if there would be a way to transfer my package from that warehouse to this outlet, and they said it would cost $5 since they are not 'actually' a UPS store.

Excuse me? Not actually a UPS store? Well, your sign says UPS. Your shirts say UPS. Hell, when I look it up on, it says you're a UPS store. The owner gave me another lovely 1-800 number to call, which didn't help.

These are the solutions they gave me:
1. Switch the shipping address to the place I'd be between 9-5. Well, I just started a new job and I don't think I should be getting personal shipments there.
2. Stay at home while the package is expected to be delivered. Are you serious? I should totally inconvenience myself and lose money by not working to get a package? No, buddy. It doesn't work that way.
3. Return it to Rogers. But I really need the phone.
4. Get the package sent to this 'not really a UPS store' store for $5.

So when I get home, I waited a bit for my steam to cool off and I called Rogers. The guy I talked to was a doll and automatically offered to put $5.60 credit on my bill to cover the cost of transferring the package to the other location. So, then I was happy.

So I called the 1-800 number again and I said I wanted to get my package transferred. Well this guy said I wasn't allowed to do that. I have to be the one to physically sign for the package wherever it travels to from the warehouse. So I can't send it to another UPS store, nor can I have it sent to the Rogers store because I have to be the one to sign for it.

Oh yah, I forgot to let you know that this warehouse at the other end of the city, is only open 9-5:30. Do they not understand that people work during these times?

So I asked the guy what I could I do. He said sorry, that there was nothing he can do. So, I don't even know how I'm going to get my phone now because they work the same hours I do, apparently.

It shouldn't be this much of a hassle to get a package. I am the intended recipient - I should be able to sign a waiver and give permission to someone else to sign up for it. I should be able to pick up at the most convenient spot for me. I shouldn't be AT ALL inconvenienced by this process, but I am!